Year 2 Grant Opportunity Q&A Thread

The CCI team will be taking questions and sharing responses here in this thread! Please post your questions below and we will provide an answer.

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Q: In defining our year 2 direction, can we take an offshoot from our objectives that were called out from year 1?
A: Your year 2 project should be focused and build off of something you had tested in year 1 (either scaling or improving). Your year 2 project should be focused on taking on actions and implementing.

Q: Our year 1 focus was broad and we’re not sure how to define our project for year 2. What should we do?
A: We suggest honing into a component of your project. Consider targeting a particular population or selecting one clinic to implement your project at.

Thanks to @North_County @LA_LGBT @NEVHC for coming to our past two sessions!

Q: Can you clarify who will be available for TA in year 2?
A: Dr. Carolyn Shepherd, Dr. Lori Raney and the Center for HealthCare Strategies are available for Year 2 support. We will also be looking through the Year 2 Support Surveys to take into account what offerings or support we will provide.

Q: Can you please provide guidance on who should be listed as the project lead on the application?
A: Project lead is usually the person who is overall responsible for the success and implementation for the project. It will also be the liaison at the organization that CCI would reach out to if we have any questions.

Q: Who should we be contacting for questions around our evaluation metrics?
A: Jerry Lassa is the primary person that you reach out to for your questions. You can share a draft of metrics and ask for input from him. His email is:

Q: How detailed does the proposal need to be? Is it okay to have it more as work-in-progress, in which we have set a clear SMART aim, but haven’t quite figured out all the change ideas that we are going to test?
A: Your proposal should be detailed and be focused on implementation. The intention is that your team will be building off of what you worked on Year 1.

Q: Can we change our aim/goal, or metrics after we propose them? How much flexibility do we have in working these things out with our Coach over the course of the year?
A: The aims and goals should be clear. We do recognize that your metrics may change into year 2.

Q: Can we go over our project idea with you before submitting the application?
A: Absolutely! You can schedule a quick check in or email Megan.

Our team wanted to know can grant funds be allocated for transportation of patient that cannot get to the clinic for their follow up appointments and to attend diabetes classes? We have found this to be a big reason most patients cannot come to our classes or appointments as well.

Hi @Trushna-TriCity. We are very flexible with how you put together your budget and plan to use the grant funds, as long as the expenses are related to your project. I’d be interested in seeing how much of grant funds you’d be allocating to the transportation of patients and how you’d think about supporting transportation beyond the year grant period, but not concerned about you planning to spend grant funds on this item.