Updated Behavioral Health Registy?

Hi @Afsheen_AXIS! We heard your organization is working on developing your behavioral health registry. Can you share your progress with that since December? Do you have any screenshots of your registry you can share?

For those that missed it, Axis was featured on the Bright Spots webinar back in December 2018. See the webinar here.

Hi All!

Yes, we have made some progress on our end. Initially we envisioned using Healthy Planet, the new population health management tool in Epic to build our registry. However, because it is a new product, they have released only a few registries that we can tinker with (so far). Therefore, in the interim we built out a registry using SQL coding to help us track our clients who had:

-at least 1 visit in 2019,
-at least one PHQ-9 score of 15 or higher (in any visit in 2019), and
-had at least 1 diagnosis code related to depression.

We then ordered the visits from oldest to newest and grouped the visits by visit provider. Note: we only included visits where a PHQ-9 score was entered.
Columns displayed include the client’s ID, Contact Date, Active Psychotropic Medications, PHQ-9 Score, Who the Score was Entered By, and the Visit Diagnoses respective to the ICD10 list (diagnoses related to depression).

The information that we have thus far will at least allow us to track our patients’ PHQ-9 scores over time.

I’m happy to share the headers and inclusions/exclusions of the report, however would have to cut out any patient information. :slight_smile:



Thanks Afsheen, we’ve developed a Reporting Workbench report with similar information and are testing workflows. I’ve been in contact with OCHIN about a report feature that will show the change in PHQ9. It’s on their list but will be a few months before it’s available.

I look forward to hearing more about your work at our 7/3 meeting.
Best, Linda

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