Tobacco Cessation Program

Good morning CCI Team,

I would like to know if any of the network teams are doing or have tobacco cessation program in their agency. I would like to explore the activities and their existing deliverables. Would be happy to know your amazing work you’re doing for your patients.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, I’d be curious to hear what others in PHLN are doing as well! I wanted to share this Tobacco Cessation Action Guide, which outlines strategies for Clinicians as well as links to other resources related to improving delivery system design that promote tobacco cessation.


Hi @rtanglao and @AlexisWielunski, I think the @NEMS team has a clinical goal on tobacco cessation. @nancy.yu can you share more?

Also, CPCA’s website has a 17 minute podcast about FQHCs using the Smokers Helpline, and Lifelong is featured: If this is something that interests you, we can connect you to @LifeLong.

KP Regional Health Education also has on-demand training modules for patient-facing staff around Tobacco Cessation and Motivational Interviewing:

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