The roles of nurses on care teams

We’ve heard on coaching calls and the team-based care Share & Learn (S&L) webinar that a lot of you are interested in hearing more about how nurses are incorporated into care teams.

@lucretiam from CommuniCare asked about this on the S&L webinar, and Linda from Open Door shared a little bit about how their organization incorporates RNs (see the matrix of notes here from the S&L).

Here are some guiding questions to start this discussion off:

  • What responsibilities do nurses have on your team?

  • Do you have example job descriptions/workflows from your organization to share? (upload to your post)

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The folks @La_Clinica asked for the protocols that nurses use at Clinica Family Health in Colorado to manage lab results in the clinician’s lab inboxes. These are labs that are common and nurses manage them before the day gets busy. The nurse for the team receives a report that has all these tests ordered by the clinicians on her team and shows the results so she doesn’t have to open the clinician’s EHR inboxes. She can call the patient from this list, and begin treatment per protocol Sec 2.1 Urine Culture 08.19.14.doc (584.5 KB)
Sec 2.2 Chlamydia 02062013.doc (72.5 KB)
Sec 2.3 Gonorrhea 02062014.doc (78 KB)
Sec 2.4 Strep A Throat Culture 1.22.13.doc (66 KB)
Sec 2.5 H Pylori 06.13.14.doc (62 KB)
Sec 2.6 Anticoagulation 5.23.12.doc (380 KB)
Sec 2.7 Rh Neg & Rhogam Protocol 9.20.11.doc (177.5 KB)
Sec 2.8 Glucose Tolerance Tests 12.02.13.docx (566.9 KB)
right away. This way, clinicians don’t have this subset of labs to manage while they are scheduled to be with patients and don’t end up having to do this at the end of a long clinic session. NB: These are protocols that were in place in 2014, so the treatments may have been updated since then.

The nurses at Salud Para La Gente provide direct patient care through a mix of education and standing orders to treat uncomplicated patients with strep, flu, and or urinary tract infections. Nurses also monitor and provide training of quality care of medical assistants as well as lead quality and safety projects for the organization. If anyone would like standing orders, I’d be happy to share.

After the PHLN convening 2 we learned from Petaluma how we can provide flip visits to provide financial solvency to the already quality care our nursing team provides. We look forward to implementation soon. Thank you!

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