Structured Team Morning HUddles

Interested in improving morning huddles at our organization. Looking for any work flow documents/ protocols/ documentation of effective and structured team huddles.

Thank you!

Hi @nataliao!

Improving Primary Care has a ton of resources on huddles. You can see how West County Health Center operates their huddles and even watch a video on a huddle in action at UCSF.

At @Petaluma, every shift starts with Huddle TV, a 1-minute video that staff members watch together on big screen in each of the six team areas. These messages are a key part of setting a cultural tone that matches to the rhythm of daily work.

@michael_cci writes more about it here: 5 Takeaways from Petaluma Health Center - Center for Care Innovations


Hi -
We created a workflow called the “Huddle Hustle” (we modified the Coleman Team Dance and all of the workflow steps are associated with a dance move that we taught as part of their training!)
I’m attaching the checklist that our MA coaches use when observing a huddle. Before the Huddle the MA does visit prep using the patient visit summary (PVS) that is printed from i2i. I’ll attach that checklist as well.


Huddle Observation Checklist - January 2018.pdf (119.4 KB)

Visit Prep Cha Cha Observation Checklist (1).pdf (123.2 KB)


Thank you these are great.

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Thank you Kendra. We visited Petaluma and loved Huddle TV. We are looking to incorporate that here as well. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much for sharing these! Do you have anything written on the job/duties for a “MA coach?” We are thinking of designing something similar because we need a better process for training our MAs.

@charleneh Can you share more about what an “MA Coach” looks like to you? It sounds like they would be doing some sort of trainings for MAs? Is that right?


Yes – that’s right. I was asking about the functions of the “MA Coach” at La Clinica, that was referenced in the documents they shared on the forum. For us,
we are looking for a better way to train our MA’s (new MA’s to the practice, and thereafter on an on-going basis.) From what I viewed in the documents, there seems to be a structured way this is happening at La Clinica!
J I’m wondering if there is a written job description, or functional job description that described
their duties/expectations. @tbrownLaClinica

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Not quite La Clinica, but Petaluma also has a similar structure where they have an MA trainer. See their job description here.

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Hi Charlene,
So sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’m attaching a bunch of documents we use for our MA Trainers and coaches that I hope are helpful.
At the moment our structure is that we have just a handful of MA Trainers and they help with classroom trainings as well as coaching MAs at the site. We are also training front-line staff - it’s been mostly MAs for now - to do peer coaching at the sites.

Let me know if you have questions!

  1. MA Trainer job description (a little outdated)
  2. MA Trainer competencies
  3. Lead MA Trainer competencies
  4. MA Coaching cheat sheet matrix - used when we train coaches
  5. Guidelines for MA Coaching session
  6. MA Trainer downtime activities

MA Trainer Competencies (1).pdf (78.6 KB)
Lead MA Trainer Competencies.pdf (75.8 KB)
MA Coaching cheat sheet matrix 051518 (1).pdf (464.3 KB)
Guidelines for MA Coaching Session (1).pdf (50.8 KB)
MA Trainer Down Time activities (2).pdf (39.1 KB)

MA IV MA Trainer JD_2.2016.docx (1.2 MB)


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing all these resources Tanya.

hi tanya:

thank you SO MUCH for sharing! i am just now seeing this response, so i’m sorry for my delay in thanking you. since we are located nearby one another, our team wanted to invite you (and others?) over for lunch for a meet and greet, but also to learn/explore/discuss/share best practices in more detail. would you be open?

we’d also be happy to share information with you - and help in any way we can.

again, sorry for the delay. i’m still getting used to using this forum!


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Yes that would be great! I’ll email you to set something up.

@tbrownLaClinica @charleneh So exciting to hear that you all will be setting this up! Can I ask that you share some of your takeaways from your visit on the Forum once you finish? Thanks both!

Thank you so much for sharing.