Split Visits Workflow

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I wanted to see if anyone is doing split visits with non-licensed staff (health educators or promatoras) and have a workflow they would be willing to share with us.

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Erin Garcia

@Carolyn_CCI_Coach @Denise_PHLN-Coach Can you tag any of your teams that might be doing split visits with non-licensed staff?

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We have health coaches who are MA’s that do 1:1 visit with DM and HTN patients. We call it a “warm hand-off”. These are visits with the patients who come into the office who have a Provider appointment and then the health coaches will counsel he patients before or after the appt to go over any new meds that they need to get, and to motivate and discuss care plan for their DM or HTN. This part takes like 5-10 minutes. We also call patient in to see our health coaches if they need any literature on their disease process, and to go over their care- plans set into place by the provider. Some of these pts are have their chronic disease for a while and some are newly diagnosed. the visit we have 1: with pts are not billable. I hope this helps. You can also reach out to me via email at tnagindas@tri-cityhealth.org. We can then exchange numbers if you would like more of an elaboration. thanks

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I’ll try to find anyone doing “split visits” with non-licensed personnel and tag Erin. Clinica in Colorado has non-licensed case managers run their group visits and the clinician joins them after the group has started.

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We do this with our panel managers who are medical assistants trained to do chronic disease management visits - HTN, DM, INR checks, medication reconciliation. We have quicknotes they apply in our EHR system so that they can take the HPI, then the provider joins for a few minutes, and then the panel manager completes the visit and charting.
Let me know if you’d like more info! tbrown@laclinica.org
We don’t have health coaches co-located with our providers but we would use the same workflow if we did.

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Great! Thank you Tanya. Very helpful.

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