Soliciting Questions re: Diabetes Group Visits

For the upcoming December 11th Bright Spots Webinar, we will have the @Chapa-De team share on their progress towards implementing diabetes group visits. What questions do you have that you would like covered? Be specific!

Tagging some teams that may be interested: @Santa_Barbara @LA_LGBT @Serve_the_People @Tri_City @Western_Sierra @Native_American

Have they thought about a “graduation” or stop point? The good and bad with ours is that they keep coming even when their DM is under control, leaving no room for new uncontrolled patients to join in. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing @egarcia! Do any of the other teams working on these group visits have other specifics they want to discuss on the webinar? @Santa_Barbara @LA_LGBT @Serve_the_People @Tri_City @Western_Sierra @Native_American