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Hello attendees of the Clinica Family Health site visit on 9/6! We would love for you to share key takeaways, learnings, and next steps from the site visit with the rest of the PHLN network! We ask that at least one member of your team that attended the site visit post here. All PHLN teams, feel free to comment and ask questions!

Please answer one or more of these questions:

  1. What is one of the most valuable takeaways you had from the site visit?

  2. What resource did you find useful? If you have a copy of it, please attach.

  3. What is a next step your team is planning to take as a result of what you learned at the site visit?

  4. Anything else you want to share?

The most valuable takeaway from the site visit for me was to see so many of the things that we have been talking about doing, or working towards, successfully implemented. The presentations along with the other materials Clinica provided gave a real road map that we will be able to use to implement changes. A next step we are taking is to present highlights from the visit to our Leadership team. During that we plan on making recommendations on next steps in terms of program development. Some specific things we plan to work on are: group visits, further integrating behavioral health, and advanced access (or something like it). This was a great experience for us, and we are very thankful to the folks at Clinica for being such great hosts.


Thanks for kicking off the convo already @Brandon.Bettencourt! What did other folks take away from the site visit? @darvay @dcampa @lcazares?

Folks from La Clinica de La Raza were reviewing the information on the jump drive and asked if we could get some of the complete competency assessments. The jump drive shows only the first page of these documents. Here are some of the top-of-the-line team competencies. @lcazares can you please share with your La Clinica team mates. Thanks! Behavioral Health Professional BHP Competency Assessment 2017.pdf (237.1 KB)
Medical Assistant Pod Coordinator Competency Assessment 2017.pdf (219.6 KB)
Case Manager Group Visit Coordinator Competency Assessment 2017.pdf (240.9 KB)
Office Technician Lead Competency Assessment 2017.pdf (285.9 KB)
Office Technician I (OT)Competency Assessment 2017.pdf (338.4 KB)
Nurse Team Manager (NTM) Competency Assesment 2018.pdf (389.2 KB)
Medical Assistant Team Manager MATM Competency Assessment 2017.pdf (427.5 KB)
Clinic Nurse RN Compentency Assesment 2018.pdf (478.7 KB) @Brandon.Bettencourt @nconzoner


A second request from folks at La Clinica de La Raza was to ask Clinica for a table that shows general roles and responsibilities for different staff positions similar to one they showed in their presentation on slide #52 for Medical Assistants. I reached out to their great COO and she sent these slides. Once again, Lety, please share with your team. Thanks @lcazares @Brandon.Bettencourt @nconzonerClinica Staff Roles JT.pdf (563.5 KB)


Thank you Carolyn, always so helpful. I will share with my staff.

Hi folks,
I didn’t attend this site visit, but was reading through the comments. I was wondering what you learned about advanced access scheduling, and if any materials were shared on this topic.

Thank you Carolyn!

@Carolyn_CCI_Coach would be able to speak on this!

Hi Melissa. Clinica Family Health has applied Advanced Access principles since 1992. Here are a couple of resources to review. Happy to help answer questions that you might have. IOM Access book.pdf (2.6 MB)
Mark Murray Panel Size.PDF (315.1 KB)
Mark Murray Answer to Panel Size Questions.PDF (95.1 KB)

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