QUESTION: Seeking tool for non-clinical phone staff to collect more info for triage calls

Hi everyone -
We are interested in developing a tool for phone staff to ask follow-up questions for some chief complaints to help determine next steps including whether that patient can wait for a call back from a nurse, schedule a routine appointment or be transferred directly to a nurse or other clinician for immediate assessment. I have experienced this as a patient when I call Kaiser - targeted questioning based on a chief complaint to determine urgency. This would be based on algorithm and obviously would not involve any assessment on the part of non-clinical staff.

We also have some sites that do not have RNs and occasionally are open without a medical provider on-site and we want to support non-clinical staff in assessing the urgency of certain types of calls.

Does anyone have experience with this or know of a tool we can use so we don’t reinvent the wheel?

Thank you!

Tanya Brown
La Clinica de La Raza
Oakland, CA

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Hey Tanya. This is turning out to be a really tough question. At CCI we have reached out to leaders in team-based care and are continuing to look for examples of non-clinical algorithms for managing incoming calls to the clinic. If anyone has examples of scripts or decision support tools for non-clinical team members, please share!