QUESTION: SDOH interventions that show an ROI?

Melissa Bishop from Neighborhood health asked us the following question:

“My question is whether anyone has heard of or participated in a social determinants intervention with a measurable positive outcome - either in health or cost savings”.

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I’m tagging some of the PHLN teams that have participated in ROOTS (our social determinants program) in case they have any ideas: @brubino @debrarosen.

Some things to think about with this question:

  1. what the social determinants intervention is addressing when considering what effects the intervention might have. (Some SDOH interventions address multiple, some focus on 1 or 2.)
  2. the payer situation and how collaborations are set up with partner organizations. Sometimes the cost savings accrue to one partner, who helps fund the other.

HealthLeads has some information on their website: Research | Health Leads

Hospitals may have results like this: What Montefiore's 300% ROI from social determinants investments means for the future of other hospitals | Healthcare Finance News

This ROI calculator might be of interest: ROI Calculator Assesses Risks and Rewards of Integrating Social Services with Health Care | Commonwealth Fund

Looking forward to hearing from those with experience and data!

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