QUESTION: Paying for this work

My question is broad but seems to be a big question that we always have. How are we all paying for this work?


Yes! @diana_cci and I discussed this at length at our last convening. I hope more people chime in on this thread.

Somewhat related … I just read this interesting article about Trinity Health system executives. The annual incentive pay for each executive, including the 93-hospital system’s CEO, is docked if Trinity’s total patient population doesn’t show reduced rates of obesity, smoking, readmissions and hospital-acquired conditions!!

This is the question of the year… I know a best practice that some clinics are using are leveraging PCP visits to pay for other care team members, like behavioral health professionals.

For example, PCP will start off the visit and BH will follow near the end of the visit. That way, there’s a particular code that can be inputted and the PCP visit would help pay for the BH person.

Can any clinics speak to this?? Does this sound correct?

@mbuiduy mentioned an Excel spreadsheet that CPCA put together on alternative/non-traditional visit types w/ billing code and minimum documentation.

Alt touch categories and codes with min documentation.xlsx (51.3 KB)