QUESTION: Jan Convening Agenda Feedback Request!

Hi everyone,

We’ve released the tentative agenda for the January 16-17 convening in Los Angeles, including information on the venue and how to register.

We’re excited to have the following organizations & individuals present & share:

  1. Petaluma Health Center: “Assessing & Addressing Social Needs” AND “Leveraging & Optimizing Teams”
  2. Cherokee Health Systems: “Identifying Complex Patients; Using Data to Design Care Strategies” AND “Leveraging and Optimizing Teams”
  3. La Clinica: “Strategies for Reaching & Engaging Assigned Patients that Haven’t Established Care” AND “How Practice Managers use Financial Information and Data to Make Decisions”
  4. CHCS: “Capabilities Needed for Value-Based Care”
  5. Dr. Lori Raney: “Considerations for Deepening & Strengthening Integrated Behavioral Health”

As we’re conducting our planning calls, we’d love your feedback about:

  1. What questions do you have for these organizations & presenters?
  2. What challenges are you hoping they address?
  3. What are you excited about to hear from them?

PHLN Participant Agenda_Draft 11.9.18.docx (52.8 KB)