Patient Portal Successes and Lessons Learned

Dennis from @LA_County had a great question about patient portal enrollment rates after attending the site visits reflections webinar. On the webinar @melissa.bishop mentioned that Cambridge Health Alliance had been able to achieve a 90% patient portal enrollment rate.

Did anyone that attended the Cambridge Health Alliance site visit get any notes on how that rate was achieved? @SFHN @San_Ysidro @Communicare @Neighborhood

Opening up to the whole PHLN group: What are your own lessons learned and successes around your patient portal enrollment and engagement? Any tips you can share with others in the PHLN?

@LA_County An initial response from Dr. Meisinger at Cambridge Health Alliance:

“Our workflows to get such high numbers start at the reception desk and are intertwined with our vision of each team member having a personal relationship with each patient. Part of that is getting them oriented and signed up for the portal, starting any paperwork and screeners before the visit itself and then working with the Medical Assistants to finish the sign up process. Everyone across the team, including the provider, knows that if something that is standard work (like signing up patients for the secure patient portal) is not done by the time the patient is with them then they are responsible to make sure it happens.”