Patient Navigator Job Descriptions

Hello, We are looking to add patient navigators to our care teams and I’m wondering if anyone is willing to share their job descriptions? @JustinWu

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Hi Brandon, can you share a little bit more about what role your patient navigators would have?

We had a position for patient navigators that acted as adjuncts to our enrollment process, assisting with new or returning patient intake forms, enrollment in our patient portal and general clinic orientation. We currently have a position of “health coach” which does more self-management goal setting and basic diet education. I suspect different organizations may have different ideas of what a navigator would do.

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We are still figuring out what the position will entail. We want to add someone to the care team to handle the many things that come up during a visit that don’t require licensed personnel to address. We see them helping with screenings, coordinating care between the many programs we offer in-house, helping to arrange transportation, helping intake new patients, connecting to community resources, helping patients choose the managed care plan that best fits their needs. I think the position could evolve into using motivational interviewing for health coaching and some basic health education and care planning. I’m hoping that seeing some job descriptions will help us see how other clinics are using a position like this so we can pick and choose which tasks best fit the needs of our patients.

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I’m still figuring out how this forum works, and I can’t tell if my reply went to you or was just to the forum. Either way, I would love to see your Health Coach job description if you are willing to share it. I’m also not sure if we can share documents through here, or if you need my email address. @diana_cci can you help us out here?

Brandon, your response posted to the forum, which @JustinWu should still get a notification for. I appreciate you two testing out the forum!

You can upload files to the forum. When you click “Reply”, there’s a small icon in the message box area like so:

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Thank you Diana.

Justin, sorry for all the messages, thank you for helping if you can, I completely understand if you can’t.

I’m tagging the coaches here to see if they have any insight on teams that might have similar positions on their care teams. @Carolyn_CCI_Coach @connie.davis

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Here is a sample Navigator job description from West County. SMS-Step4-Sebastopol-Patient Navigator job description.pdf (48.6 KB)


Thank you so much, this is really helpful.

Here are a couple more non-FQHC navigator job descriptions that might help you as you think about how to structure your navigator job responsibilities at Chapa DeHealth_Navigator_2-16.pdf (206.8 KB)
Medina-patient-care-navigator-job-description.pdf (186.9 KB)


Here’s our Health Navigator job description as well.
Health Navigator.doc (60 KB)


Thank you again. These are great.

Thank you so much for sending this out, these are very helpful.

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