Patient FIT Kit Pilot for Colorectal Cancer

Hi @LA_LGBT! We heard you’re working on piloting patient FIT kits for colorectal cancer screening that are being mailed directly to the lab. Can you share your current workflow or pilot details here?

An interesting read I found online for those that aren’t familiar with FIT kits.

Hi, we give the patients a FIT kit, and after collecting the sample on the FIT card, the patient has a choice of bringing the card directly back to the clinic, or, they can mail in the kit to the lab which is enclosed in the kit. We are finding, however, that some samples could not be run by the lab because patients were not labelling their FIT cards completely or improperly. They either forget their names or dates sample collected or their DOB.

The MAs use a huddle sheet to remind them who is due for a FIT. If a client is due, the MA has a lab requisition and labels printed by the lab (we are working on getting a label printer for the MAs where their desks are) and gives them to the patient with pre-printed instructions. If the patient has additional questions, they are directed to our Quality Assurance Specialists. The Quality Assurance Specialists use phone and text messages to follow up with the clients after the visit to help them get it turned in.


Hi @ppei. Thanks for sharing how you all do your FIT kits. I’m curious what you are doing to address the mislabeling? Looks like @LA_LGBT is giving patients labels beforehand!

Hi there PHLNers!
Salud Para La Gente and LA LGBT submitted progress reports and guess what??? Both of your organizations are working on improving CRC screening rates. I wanted to connect you on this topic if you want to start sharing your work with each other. @Salud @LA_LGBT @mbuiduy.


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