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Hi @tjimenez - really enjoyed your presentation on the QIP Webinar on PC8 yesterday! Would you be willing to share your Call Center Scripts for WCC?

Our team is about to begin an outreach PDSA with our call center that will focus on patients in QIP PC7: Children and Adolescent Access to PCP (CAP) and PC9: Immunizations for Adolescents (IMA) Combination 2. Would be great to get a sense of what another organization has done!

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I’m tagging @tjimenez and the @Petaluma team again!

HPV recall.docx (95.3 KB)


Well Child Check - Wiki Petaluma Health Center.docx (55.1 KB)

Hope these are helpful! THese are our Wiki pages for the well child checks and adolescent immunization measures, including recall scripts.


Thank you very much!

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Hi @SFHN team! In your April progress report you talked about revising your call scripts to re-engage patients. We’d love for you to share more about the work you’ve been doing! Can you provide an update so other PHLN teams can learn about what you’re doing?

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the delay in replying to this (we just went live with Epic 3 weeks ago). I joined the team in late April right around the time of that quarterly report. With our Epic transition, progress on the scripts is a little slow but they are currently ramping back up. We also are analyzing our last cycle of outreach data so I hope to draw some insight from that as well. With regard to scripts, I have the following goals (which overlap with other areas of outreach).

1.) Continuing to follow the iCARE format to connect and engage with patients on the phone.
2.) Revising scripts to have enough information, with simple easy to understand language for both the caller (who may not have a clinical background) and for the patient who may not have high levels of health literacy. We want these scripts to not be too detailed to prevent the caller from connecting with the patient. For example, previous scripts were very detailed and felt rehearsed and some callers felt more obligated to follow the script rather than use their expertise to follow the flow of the conversation. By eliminating the unnecessary details, we hope to encourage a more natural conversation that will engage patients.
3.) Developing a more detailed, standardized training and onboarding process for outreach including mock scenarios to help caller answer some frequently asked questions by patients using the prepared scripts to give ideas of when to be creative, and what information is necessary to say to the patient.
4.) Engaging our PACs in the process of script development, as well as outreach in general with the hope of improving success rates in reaching patients and potentially show rates by improving the interactions between the health network and patients.
5.) Identifying champions at our clinics to so I can solicit feedback on scripts and outreach on a more regular basis as well as serve as a resource for them going forward.

I hope some of this is helpful. I’m curious how others are crafting “electronic” scripts for things like text or robocalls as we are planning electronic communication for flu season. I would love to hear others’ ideas and feedback in what has worked and what hasn’t as I dive into this!