Obesity: PDSA ideas?

Hi PHLN’ers! As part of our agency’s QI Plan, our Family Practice & Pediatrics teams will be dedicating two 2 months blocks of biweekly team meeting time to addressing obesity in our patient population. We’ll be sharing our UDS measure on % of patients w/ BMI reported and how many had counseling documented, but it seems like a relatively dry measure to present to providers (“If you click on this checkbox to document your counseling then we will get credit for this measure!”).

I was curious how other clinics had addressed obesity since it’s so multifactorial; we do have Health Coaches who provide individual patient counseling either in clinic or by phone, and who run a 12-week practical course that alternates cooking demos & nutrition education with gentle exercise weekly. We have been encouraging our care team pods to try short PDSAs per QI topic and had some good success with colorectal cancer screening, but somehow obesity seems more challenging for providers to come up with ideas to move the needle on obesity… Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions!

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At Clinica Family Health Services in Colorado they struggled with the same issue. They partnered with the Boulder County Health Department in a program called Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) using the community services to improve their focus areas of increasing breast feeding, fruit and vegetable consumption, increasing physical active, and decreasing sugary drinks. Here’s the link to the HEAL website. It might help with ideas. I’m interested in hearing what other PHLN folks are doing.

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Hi @mbuiduy. I love that you’re open to some PDSA ideas from our network!

I’m wondering if you’ve already done some sort of brainstorming session with your care team around ideas to test? If so, what came out of it? I’ll quickly share the brainstorming method we use in our Catalyst program to help generate some creative ideas. Would it be useful to go back to the brainstorming phase with them to think of more ideas to PDSA?

hi there, i came across this free webinar opportunity that focuses on addressing childhood obesity in health centers. Here is the link: HITEQ Center - HITEQ Highlights: Addressing Childhood Obesity in Health Centers

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