Nonlicensed professionals for integrated behavioral health models

For those that use nonlicensed professionals for brief interventions and within an integrated behavioral health model, what is the job description that you use? Is their characteristics during the interview that you look at?


We require a minimum of an associates degree or bachelors in social work, counseling, psychology or public health. Of course experience is always a great attribute and being patient, open minded, and not easily fearful/intimidated.

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Clinica’s Case Manager position works on global health and some behavioral health issues. @Carolyn_CCI_Coach can you share the job description?

Cherokee’s Community Health Coordinator, Outreach Care Coordinator & Case Manager positions may be relevant.

Attached are two job descriptions from Clinica Family Health in Colorado for their Case Manager GV Coordinator 2014.docx (28.3 KB)
Case Manager 2013.docx (30.0 KB)
unlicensed paraprofessional case managers. These folks may be community activist or folks who have bachelor’s degrees.

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