I2i Affinity Group

Is anyone else who uses i2i interested in creating an affinity group or email group chat to help each other when we get stuck with a logic or mapping problem?

Hello! I am from San Ysidro Health and we use i2i tracks for our population health data. We are interested in creating an affinity group.

Do either of you use the i2i Pap tracker? If so what do you like, dislike about it? Thank you.

Erin, due to our large transgender population, any pre-programed pap tracking is unusable for us.

Great! At the end of the conference I will create an email group.

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Hi Meghan, We’d be interested as well!

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Hi, We are interested to participate in i2i Affinity Group! :slight_smile:

please send me an email at mkavanagh@lalgbtcenter.org and I will include you in the group.

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@daisy.acosta @mpowers @rtanglao I love the energy in this thread!! Excited to see what comes out of your affinity group.