How to Rally Your Team Around an Idea

Too often, inadequate communication skills lead to your team questioning your efforts more than supporting them.

Here at CCI, we’ve developed a 7-step “pitch” to help you rally your organization around your project: Pitch Perfect: How to Rally Your Team Around an Idea in 7 Steps

It goes like this…

  1. Describe the desired future.
  2. Show why this vision isn’t currently possible.
  3. Share what you learned from your research.
  4. Describe three or four parts of your solution.
  5. Articulate the benefits of successfully implementing your project.
  6. Present the negative consequences of not pursuing your project.
  7. Ask for specific support.

Have any of you tried this approach? What did you learn?

@diana_cci Can you share how this worked in Catalyst?

This is a great resource @kendra_cci. Thanks for highlighting! I know teams have used the pitch structure to gather buy-in from staff (when implementing a new project or a change) or support from leadership for funding or resources.

I’ve learned that this pitch works best when you tailor it to your audience. For example, a pitch to fellow staff members may be more “informal” and personable, whereas a pitch to leadership may be more numbers heavy.

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There is always a big voltage drop in our organizations when there is turnover. I encourage practices to develop a system to keep track of performance improvement learning, so the knowledge doesn’t leave when the staff moves on.