How to develop recall system in eCW?

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We are working on implementing advanced access and need to develop a recall system using eCW. We would like for our care teams to be able to enter the date they want to see a patient next, and then be able to track that entry to ensure the patient makes it back in to see us in an appropriate time frame. So far we have found options using alerts and Patient recall, and an option using Registry and structured data in the progress note. Neither of these options seems to work very well. I’m wondering if anyone out there using eCW has any suggestions.

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I’m tagging teams using eCW that might have answers: @Communicare @Neighborhood @SFHN @Santa_Rosa @Western_Sierra.

We use the T “Action” jellies to task us in the future with what needs to be done. This way the TE only pops up when there is something that needs to be done,
like a recall system of sorts.


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We are working on the same thing. Have you figured out the recall system yet?

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