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I’m curious to hear if folks have been able to tag people on the Forum? How has that experience been for you? Are you using that feature at all? @Brandon.Bettencourt @evanp @kstambaugh @JustinWu @glopez

Hi Diana,
I didn’t know tagging was an option. I’m still getting used to the concept of an online forum. I could see tagging becoming useful as I get more comfortable with the forum, and also as I meet more people in person first (it probably wouldn’t occur to me to tag anyone I haven’t met in real life).

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I tagged @JustinWu with my patient navigator question and it seemed to work great. Thank you Justin.

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That’s helpful to hear that you’re more likely to tag someone once you’ve established some sort of contact with them. I’d encourage everyone to tag openly, since it’s a great way to get connected to people if you know you want to learn from a specific organization. :grinning:

Yep, tagging individuals worked for getting my attention. @diana_cci @Brandon.Bettencourt

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