Flow Coordinator Job Description

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At the site visit at the Petaluma Helath Center, we learned about the job of a flow coordinator. We are looking into creating a similar job description. Can we obtain this? Thanks so much!


Paging @Petaluma staffers!

We would love to see that too, if you are willing to post it here. We have a position we call a “tactical nurse” that is somewhat similar, I’m not sure we even have a job description for them.

I’m interested in seeing the Flow Coordinator job description as well. (I’m actually very curious about all Petaluma’s job descriptions for their team members, if that’s possible.) We have one for our Flow Coordinator, and I’d like to compare… We are looking at creating teams similar to what Petaluma has and are designing that now. Thanks!

Hi all, I’ll check in with the Petaluma team to get my hands on this!

I checked their website and they have a lot of their job descriptions for other positions (base off of who they are hiring) but I couldn’t see this one. Thanks Meagan. Keep us posted!

@nataliao @charleneh @Brandon.Bettencourt,

I heard back from Tiffany at Petaluma - thanks @tjimenez! Here’s what she said:

Petaluma doesn’t have MAs that are only flow coordinators, so there isn’t a formal job description. There are, however, specific duties involved - see duties description. If the MA is level 2 or higher, they may serve in 2 or more MA roles on the team, including flow coordinator, support for the Flow Coordinator, or MA trainer. Here is the job description for Medical Assistant 2.

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Great, thank you! This is very helpful!