Epic (EHR) and Dentrix?

hello all:

I’m wondering if any of the clinics out there have both Epic as your Practice Management & EHR system and Dentrix for your EDR system.

We are moving to Epic this year, and plan to keep Dentrix - and are looking for other clinics who have this structure. We have some questions for you about the integration of systems, and some workflows.



ChapCare and Alliance Medical Center are OCHIN/EPIC users that are also using Dentrix.

Sergio Bautista, Chief Deputy Director at ChapCare can be reached at sbautista@chapcare.org.

Here is Alex’s response:
We use Dentrix, we have an interface to EPIC where we can schedule in and bill out of EPIC, but doesn’t interface into one unified medical record. We host our own version of Dentrix so we have to maintain our own interface, which is a pain. Many clinics in the OCHIN collaborative use Dentrix and use a group out of Florida to host the system. OCHIN and this group have an arrangement and OCHIN maintains those interfaces.

I would be glad to talk to them,

Alex Armstrong
Chief Executive Officer
Alliance Medical Center
1381 University Ave. Healdsburg, CA 95448
Cell: 707.490.4458


I’m also tagging @Open_Door, since they also are on EPIC.

Hi @charleneh Open Door just migrated from Dentrix to Wisdom a few months ago. Our EMR and dental staff can share any questions you might have about this. Just email and I’ll bring them in.

thank you for replying! for now, we decided to stay with Dentrix. if we re-think this decision, I may reach out then. thanks, again!

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thank you for replying! I have passed this information onto our Epic Project Manager and Billing Manager - and they will likely be reaching out, if they haven’t already. I really, really appreciate the response and contacts.

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