Emerging Bright Spots Webinar

During tomorrow’s webinar, we’ll highlight some of the emerging bright spot topics we gathered from the submissions we received. Come learn what population health efforts your peers are working on and see how you can build off of their lessons learned and best practices!

Take a look at the presentations and post your questions below :point_down:
Bright Spots Webinar_Final Slides.pdf (4.3 MB)

As a follow up to yesterday’s webinar, here are the slides and recording. Please also make sure to complete the post-webinar evaluation survey! I’m also sharing Axis’ behavioral health disease registry documents:

@Chapa-De @Brandon.Bettencourt Can you share the satisfaction survey that you give to patients after the diabetes group visits?

Do other teams that attended have satisfaction surveys or other relevant resources to share? @Communicare @CMC @LA_County @LA_LGBT @LifeLong @Native_American @Neighborhood @NEMS @NEVHC @Salud @San_Ysidro @Santa_Barbara @Santa_Rosa @Serve_the_People @SFHN @Tri_City @Venice @Western_Sierra

@mbuiduy just shared Salud Para La Gente’s materials for their diabetes group visits:

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20181212-Chapa-De DM group session survey.docx (53.8 KB)
Here is the survey we are using to evaluate our group visits.

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