Driver Diagrams for Population Health

Hi, all! One of the tools that I have always found helpful in organizing and focusing improvement work is a Driver Diagram.

QUESTIONS: Does anyone have one of the following documents that could be shared with the rest of the group:

  1. A “global” Population Health Driver Diagram (captures the entire vision of Population Health Management)
  2. An organizational-specific Driver Diagram, which captures your team’s specific focus area of Population Health

Please share any examples that you may have.


hi there Denise
i’m happy to share a work in progress, one that I presented as an example at the first learning session. See attached. Pop Health Driver Diagram.pptx (177.1 KB)
And, we developed a driver diagram for tackling health and wellbeing more broadly at our Safety Net Innovation Network meeting. Here’s the link: 11 Takeaways from Exploring the Intersections of Health and Wellbeing - Center for Care Innovations