DISCUSSION: Group Visits

We have a couple of Forum conversations in Care Management for Complex Patients about group visits but I have been having conversations with lots of teams about using group visits as a strategy to better serve patients who do not thrive with one-on-one visits alone. I know @Serve_the_People, @Chapa-De, @Tri_City, and @Ravenswood are all having conversations about group visits. Clinica Family Health Services in Colorado started group visits in 1992 and has been doing them ever since. Here are a couple of videos of their program: Clinica Team discusses group visits: https://youtu.be/Ssdal2u4Tc8 News Hour Report on Clinica Group Visit model https://youtu.be/wPlCn5zkSys

Does anyone have some Group Visits Lessons Learned to share? Great tools or resources for groups?

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