Diabetes Group Visits


We are about to begin a small pilot of diabetes group visits. I’m wondering if anyone out there is doing these, and if you would be willing to share your template for documenting these visits? If you happen to be on eCW, that would be even better, but we are trying to get a general idea of how other clinics are documenting these.

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I believe several of our teams are working on diabetes group visits:

  • Venice - They shared this during their shift and share presentation at the May convening.
  • Serve the People - They shared this during their shift and share presentation at the May convening. Diabetes Group Visits Curriculum
  • Native American - We highlighted their Patient Passport which they have patients use during diabetes group visits.

@gheredia @charleneh @jonathanvargas @bonniet Do you have more information from your health centers to share?


@diana_cci thank you so much for all of this, was there a link associated with the Venice comment? The other items were very helpful, and I want to make sure I’m not missing anything. Thank you!

Hi Brandon,

Here’s an example of the eCW template used for our DM basics group education. We have a few different group sessions at SFHN. Our DM specialty clinic has a DM basics group education and insulin starter group class. Chinatown Public Health Center also has a 3 class series conducted in Cantonese. Each class is run by different staff and has different documentation templates. Let me know if you have any questions.



I actually couldn’t find the Venice materials… @jonathanvargas can you help share the materials you shared on diabetes group visit at the May convening?

Thank you for this, it’s very helpful.

Alternative Visits.pptx (352.0 KB)
Hi Diana and Brandon,

Ive attached the presentation i shared at the May convening. Let me know if you have any questions.


@Brandon.Bettencourt, we just posted this case study on our CCI website about East Valley Community Health Center, who, as part of our Spreading Solutions program, implemented diabetes group visits. Check out the case study here: Case Study: Group Visits Improve Diabetes Self-Management - Center for Care Innovations


Thank you all for your help with this.