Changing scheduling system to Advanced access

For those who are implementing or who have implemented advanced access how did you manage backlog? We’re you closed to new patients at this time and if you were what metrics did you use to determine if you could be open to new patients?

I believe the @LifeLong team has advanced access in place. Can you share your experience on how you managed backlog?

@Astevens16 I’m resharing some Clinica resources that @Carolyn_CCI_Coach posted in another thread:

Clinica Family Health has applied Advanced Access principles since 1992. Here are a couple of resources to review.
IOM Access book.pdf (2.6 MB)
Mark Murray Panel Size.PDF (315.1 KB)
Mark Murray Answer to Panel Size Questions.PDF (95.1 KB)

@Astevens16 Following up on this, we are hosting a virtual office hour with @LifeLong on April 16 at 12-1 pm. You can ask LifeLong these questions virtually!