Case Management/Care Coordination Staff Ratios

NEMS has started to implement CCM (Chronic Care Management) and we’re exploring additional case coordination services for our senior population that needs more hand-holding. Are there other clinics that have experience with using internal staff to provide complex case coordination and what are the staffing ratios (# of care coordinators to # patients) can they handle? Do you have resources or experience with adjusting these staffing ratios based on patient load and complexity? Thanks for your responses in advance!

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Hi @nancy.yu! Here are some potential places to look:

  1. There is some information in the SNMHI on complex care here.
  2. This article has some caseload experience.
  3. Improving Primary Care is always a good general website to check out for resources.

I’m also tagging other PHLN teams that had done a Share & Learn on complex care: @Tri_City @LifeLong @Santa_Rosa!