Assigned but not yet seen-How do we find these people?

@SFHN is working on identifying ways to outreach to the patients who have been enrolled/assigned by health plans but not yet seen in their organization. @NEMS is looking for ways apply predictive modeling to this population to know how to approach outreach to get the most benefit out of the work involved in outreach. @Communicare is addressing a similar issue.

Are there any lessons learned, tools or resources you all could share on the search for complex care patients assigned to you but you haven’t seen?

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NEVHC is utilizing an “enrollment manager” developed by eMedApps. The goal is to create charts for patients assigned but not seen so we can send outreach messages. Currently we are live for MHLA (LA County uninsured Program). These patients are capitated, but the County will take $$ away capitation if the patient has not been seen. We are also working on our management care patients, but having some technical challenges with duplicate records. Will keep you posted on our progress. Once these patients are identified, then outreach methods will be used strategically to bring patients in. Challenges will be access, and the patients motivation to access care. I am interested in learning effective methods to outreach to this challenging group.

By the way Carolyn, NEVHC is in the outreach affinity group - is this a subject that will be covered in that group. I may want to reach out to SFHN, NEMS, and Communicare.


In our Access affinity group we can talk about the challenges of matching supply and demand in the setting of pressure from the organization to see large groups of new patients from the health care plans. If you bring it up we can see what others are doing. We can also post this question in the Affinity group

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@Carolyn_CCI_Coach @debrarosen I think this would be an interesting topic to surface during your first call! I know the affinity group agendas are pretty flexible and we’d like your teams to pick what is discussed during the calls. I think you should bring it up @debrarosen :grin:

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