Access Strategies to Optimize Planned Care & Outreach

This affinity group includes @Chapa-De @SFHN @NEVHC @Neighborhood @CMC . Please feel free to share your group’s progress and updates below!

Hi @Chapa-De, @SFHN and @Neighborhood . Debra Rosen from @NEVHC in interested in hearing about solutions to the challenges of matching supply and demand in the setting of pressure from the organization to see large groups of new patients from the health care plans. This is a perfect discussion in our Access Affinity group. Does anyone have any successes or strategies or lessons learned about creating access to start the capitation payments for large infusions of patients? See her post here. Assigned but not yet seen Debra Rosen NEVHC

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Yippeee Access Affinity group members! @Chapa-De @SFHN @NEVHC @Neighborhood Our first virtual meeting call is coming up on Monday 4/22 at 1:00 pm. Diana sent out a calendar invite. If you can’t find yours you can call in on: 408-638-0968 Meeting ID #: 4155613333 and the Zoom line is Launch Meeting - Zoom. Lots of wisdom will be on this call. Bring your questions and your thoughts about how to make this a vital collaboration.

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Minutes 4/22/19 Access Affinity Group @Chapa-De @NEVHC @Neighborhood @SFHN
Chapa-De: Brandon Bettencourt , Debbie Arvay, Nicole Conzoner
NEVHC: Christine Park, Debbie Rosen, Stephen Gutierrez
Neighborhood: Melissa Barajas, Melissa Bishop
SFHN: Jamie Martin, Sarah Cox, Helen Gambrah

Reviewed the purpose of the affinity groups: to connect peer organizations working on similar projects in year 2 of the PHLN. At a minimum we are expecting the group to get together at least 3 more times over the next year to update peers about progress and challenges.

Teams introduced the work before them in this grant year. Briefly, Neighborhood and Chapa-De are both developing reliable recall systems to free up space in the schedule to improve access to appointments as part of larger access strategies. SFHN and NEVHC are both looking for ways to reach out to enrolled but not yet engaged (ENYS) populations and hoping to find ways to reach those at greatest risk and/or most likely to come in.

Team agreements on next steps:

  1. Will use the Forum as primary methodology for communicating. To make this timely, Megan will send out instructions for changing your settings in the forum so that you will receive an email notification when information is added. If anyone needs help in navigating the forum, do not hesitate to reach out to Diana at She would love to help you get comfortable with the technology.

  2. Topics of interest include:
    • electronic enrollment manager by eMed Apps at NEVHC
    • recall systems to track patients
    • using text messages to outreach to patients never seen
    • text messaging to adolescent and adult patients
    • health plan utilization data to prioritize which assigned patients to bring in
    • access dashboard created by Neighborhood HC

  3. Next steps:
    Call on 5/20/19 at 1:00 pm. Brandon and Chapa-De to host this call on their Webex platform. Megan O’Brien will be the CCI person on the call.
    Topics will be:

    1. Outreach to assigned patients not yet seen. Demo of E-Manager from NEVHC for outreach to enrolled but not yet seen patients. Conversation with SFHN on what they have learned reaching out to children and adolescents for preventative care.
    2. Innovations and challenges to managing patient recalls outside of the practice management scheduling software by Neighborhood and Chapa-De.

Hi all!

Thanks for a great call on Monday. As promised, here’s a quick reminder about how to change your notification preferences:

  • Under Preferences, click the “Emails” section. You can change how often and how you receive notifications from the forum. You can get alerts when people reply to your post or mention you in a post. You can also get a summary of all forum activities daily or weekly. Click “Save Changes.”

And a link here to the “getting started guide” that Diana @diana_cci created last summer with the launch of the forum.

@Chapa-De @Neighborhood @NEVHC @SFHN @Carolyn_CCI_Coach

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We have a new team joining this affinity group! Welcome @CMC team to the conversation about access strategies for optimizing planned care and outreach. Please check out the meeting notes from the first call to get up to speed and start chiming in!


We are developing our schedule templates for advanced access scheduling and are hoping to learn from other groups who are using this model or something similar. We want our templates to be very open, and use one visit type and one appointment length. We are struggling with how to communicate what portion of each day’s schedule should be saved for same day visits without using a same day visit type.

@LifeLong, how are you doing this? If your supply and demand trends indicate that you need to pre-book 70% of your schedule on a given day, how do you ensure that 30% stays open for same day booking?

@Neighborhood, how are you planning on doing this? Are you planning on doing this?

If anyone else has suggestions on how to manage this, or can share how they are already doing it, it would be greatly appreciated. We are using eCW, so if you have solutions using that particular EHR, I would really love to hear them.

Thank you all,

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You are ahead of us in rolling this out, so I’m only speaking hypothetically…
We were planning to replicate the Life Long model at our pilot site and only open the schedule 2 weeks in advance. We were going to make all of the appointments available once the schedule was open, and not reserve any for same day. Our pilot site has plenty of capacity, but we need to work on contingency planning for when we roll-out to more impacted sites.


Hi everyone,

It was great to talk with you all on Monday. Thanks again to Brandon for hosting our meeting. The notes from our meeting today are attached, and the next steps I captured are as follows:

  1. Next Meeting: Teams agreed to meet again in a month. Please complete this doodle poll with your availability for the next meeting by May 28 : Doodle - Make meetings happen
  2. Resources/Sample Protocols: Teams will post any resources they would like to share or questions they have on the forum ahead of the call. In particular, I believe Melissa @melissa.bishop and Brandon @Brandon.Bettencourt discussed sharing nursing protocols that you have developed.

Notes from AG Access Call 5.20.19.docx (17.0 KB)

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Hello @Chapa-De @SFHN @NEVHC @Neighborhood @CMC . This Tuesday 7/2/19 at 10:00am is our next call. I will be supporting the call. Please send in a list of items you would like to share and/or discuss. I am hoping we can set a standing meeting for our future calls. You can join in at: PHLN Zoom:, Call in number: 4086380968 Password: 4155616666#. Talk with you then. Carolyn

Thank you @Chapa-De, @SFHN, @NEVHC, @Neighborhood, @CMC, @megan_cci for attending the Access Affinity Group call today. The conversation was interesting and provocative. Attached are brief minutes including links to the products discussed on the call (WellApp and Collective PreManage). Our next call will be Tuesday August 6th at 9:00 am PT. Chapa-De will share their successful effort to drive down backlog in preparation for Advanced Access scheduling.Notes from AG access Call 7.2.19.docx (17.5 KB) Have a safe 4th of July! :sparkler::fireworks::firecracker:


Hi all @Chapa-De, @SFHN, @NEVHC, @Neighborhood, @CMC
Here is the call-in info for your August call on 8/6 9-10amPT
call-in: 408-638-0968, meeting ID: 415 561 6666
1-click audio: 4086380968,4155616666#

Access Affinity Group call 8-6-19. Thank you @Chapa-De for sharing your excellent work on reducing backlog in your schedule. Good luck with your advanced access go-live this week. And thanks @SFHN @NEVHC @Neighborhood @CMC for attending the call. Attached are brief call minutes: Notes from AG Access Call 8-6-19.docx (551.4 KB). Please review and make suggestions for topics for our next call which will be 9/3/19 at 9:00 am PT.

September 3 is our next call at 9:00 am PT. I have received no suggestions for topics. What’s working? What’s not working? What do you all want to talk about? Please, let me know.

Access Affinity Group call from 9.3.19. Attached are brief minutes from the call. Access Call 9.3.19.docx (16.7 KB)

Our next call will be October 1 at 9am. We’ll continue doing round robin updates. If you have any questions or other topics you’d like to dive into, let us know in advance.

FYI, here is the link to the website for Care Message enrollment manager that both CMC and NEVHC are testing.

For those using Care Message in outreach – How have you structured rollout of texting campaigns using Care Message (e.g., staggering the number of texts per day to prevent overwhelming a call center for appts; structuring randomization)? Did anyone use robo calls vs texts? Do you have data on response rates? Retention rate vs opting out by STOP text?

Do you have any tips or lessons learned with evaluating your texting campaign, specifically, how are you using your external flat-file data from Care Message and integrating with your EHR?

For those using enrollment manager – have you used the tool to support retention rather than outreaching to new plan enrollees? For instance, ability to see when annual re-enrollment is due to prevent lapses in coverage.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for a great call today. Here are some notes attached. Access AG Notes 10.1.19.docx (17.8 KB)

A couple of reminders:

  1. You can use the listserv:
  2. And the Forum: Access Strategies to Optimize Planned Care & Outreach
  3. Take a look at Jaime’s @jaime.m.martin questions if you haven’t already!
  4. We’ll be hostingwebinar on October 17 featuring the work and data collected thus far by CMC, Salud Para La Gente, and Open Door: Meeting Registration - Zoom
  5. Next call will be November 5. Bring your updates & questions!

Access Affinity Group call today at 9:00 am. Call link: * call-in: 408-638-0968, meeting ID: 415 561 6666 * 1-click audio: 4086380968,4155616666#

Registration for the in-person meeting in Oakland on December 5:

By 11/8 - Register & book hotel - Please register yourself as soon as possible for the December 5 in-person convening, which will take place in Oakland, CA. The registration link is included in the calendar invite that went out, and you can click here to access it as well. If you will be spending the night at the hotel, please ensure you book your room as soon as possible. We expect that every team have representation at this event, with the majority of core team members attending.

FINAL CMC_CCI 10-17-19 presentation .pptx (9.2 MB)

As requested on this morning’s call, please see CMC’s presentation from the October 17 Data Driven Population Health Management webinar.

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